Why Work With Us

Here are a few reasons why should you work with Blue Gate Travel:

  1.  Experience and Resources.  Tap into Blue Gate Travel's years  experience and access to travel resources so that you can curate wonderful experience through your travels.
  2.  Save Time.  Let's face it - trolling the internet to find the best deal is time consuming. And frustrating.  Blue Gate Travel does all the searching and comparing for you.  Send us your parameters and your travel agent will research the perfect trip for you. Want to change your itinerary once you've arrived at your destination but don't want to waste a minute of your vacation - your travel agent will take care of that for you.  While you are off on your wine tasting adventure, your travel agent is changing those reservations so you don't waste a minute of your vacation.
  3. Peace of Mind. Working with a travel agent ensures that your trip is planned as perfectly as it can be.  And, most travelers don't know what they don't know.  I personally know of a bride who planned her honeymoon - only to arrive and find out that she had booked her trip during the country's rainy season.  She later admitted that if she had worked with a travel agent - she probably could have had a drier honeymoon.  Run into a problem with your hotel in 3:00 in the morning?  Miss a connecting flight?  As we learned with Covid-19, Expedia is not taking those calls at 2:00 in the morning.  But, you know what, your travel agent will.  
  4. Advocacy.  Travel agents are YOUR advocate.  A travel agent will work with you to ensure your trip is everything that you expect it to be.  But, Blue Gate Travel understands that nothing is perfect so if you are unhappy for any reason - it is our responsibility to work with the supplier to make it right.

Still not convinced?  Research your trip and send us your itinerary.  Our agent can review it and see if we can save you money.  We have helped clients save more than $200 on their airfare to Europe.  One client had an itinerary to Las Vegas all planned out.  We looked reviewed her itinerary and through our wide network of travel suppliers was able to save her 45%.